Department of Industrial Property


  • prof. Ing. Ladislav Jakl, CSc.
    - Head of Department
  • prof. JUDr. Martin Boháček, CSc.
    - Deputy Head of Department
  • JUDr. Marek Beneš
  • doc. Ing. Karel Čada, prom. práv., Ph.D.
  • JUDr. Roman Horáček, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Matěj Machů, Ph.D.
  • prof. JUDr. Peter Vojčík, CSc.


  • prof. JUDr. Petr Hajn, DrSc.
  • Mgr. Hana Churáčková, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Ing. Josef Kratochvíl, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Jan Netušil
  • Ing. Miroslav Paclík, Ph.D.
  • doc. JUDr. Vladimír Pítra
  • JUDr. Mgr. Michal Pospíšil, Ph.D., LL.M., DBA
  • prof. JUDr. Jiří Srstka

The purpose of the Department of Industrial Property, which was established in 2002, is to provide a college education in the three-year Bachelor’s Degree study programme in the field of intellectual property, a two-year Master’s Degree study programme, and finally a three-year Ph.D. study programme in the field of International and Regional Relations in Industrial Property. In addition, Examen rigorosum proceedings (in order to obtain the title of PhDr.) are conducted.

The goal of the department is to provide education at a high professional level. The department also aims to carry out corresponding academic research and other creative activities in the area of legal protection of intellectual property, while participating in the preparation and improvement of accredited study programmes. Further, the department focuses on lifelong education study programmes for patent and trademark agents and other specialists in the protection of intellectual property who work in the industrial, research, and commercial sphere.

Bachelor's Degree 

Industrial Property

Master's Degree 

International and Regional Relations in Industrial Property

Doctoral Degree 

International and Regional Relations in Industrial Property

Research Centre

Institute for Legal Protection of Intellectual Property


Office: Jarov Building