E-books Cambridge Core

A large social sciences collection of about 27,000 specialised on-line titles, monographies, text books and manuals from the Cambridge University Press publishing house. Thematic focus of the titles: Asian studies, film, media and mass communication, politics and international relationships, economics and international trade, history, art, literature, linguistics, sociology…

The Collection comprises titles published in the book form between 1970 and 2018.

List of e-books in the collection

ENTER THE DATABASE (from all PCs at the MUP)

Remote access (access from outside of the school network through a reader account, the login and the password are the same as for the SIS)

Manual – searching in E-books Cambridge Core


At the opening screen at https://www.cambridge.org/core, you can check the option Search only search content I have access to. Write particular key words into the search field or choose the Browse by subject option. You can export the chosen e-book in pdf but first you need to mark which chapters you are interested in – you will mark them with a cross at particular chapters and you will click on the Download button or Send to Dropbox/Google drive.