Certificate of English for Specific Purposes (CESP)

The Certificate of English for Specific Purposes is offered to Metropolitan University students from all study programmes, whether full-time or part-time, and for Bachelor´s, Master´s, and Ph.D. degree students. The Course is organised by the Department of Anglophone Studies.

The Course takes a modular format. It offers study modules, each with a specialised orientation, that focus on English language training within an academic context, business administration, and bureaucratic management within the EU. Modules also provide students with specialised lexis and language skills designed to improve their chances in the job-market, including job enhancement.

CESP applicants must be fluent users of English (minimum knowledge is B2, preferably C1 of Council of Europe Levels ).

CESP is suitable for those students who want to:

  • extend their knowledge of English and obtain a qualification that is transferable within the EU
  • improve their chances in the job-market, particularly within an academic environment, multinational corporations, within EU and international organisations and institutions, etc.


  • Is available in each of the 1st to 6th semesters
  • Each module is taught during one semester i.e. 13 lectures of 90 min each (CESP comprises 6 modules)
  • Modules are elective courses

For awarding the Certificate students must meet the following criteria

  • complete a minimum of 4 modules of the CESP programme
  • attend a minimum of 75% of classroom time in each module
  • take an active part in lessons
  • successfully pass a final examination at the end of each module

(Students who successfully complete less than 4 modules, even only one, will obtain a Transcript describing the type and duration of the completed module as well as the level of the course following the descriptors of Council of Europe level).


1. module
1. semester
Practical Academic Skills
2. semester
English in the News
3. semester
Business Communication Skills
4. module
4. semester
An Introduction to Critical Thinking: Language and Skills
5. module
5. semester
The Language of Humour in the English-speaking World
6. module
6. semester
The Language of Political Life in Britain Today

Applying for the Certificate

The CESP will be awarded to students after the completion of their Bachelor´s or Master´s Degree if the student meets the criteria specified above.

Further information: irena.dominikova@mup.cz