Metropolitan university Prague


  • Preparatory Courses for Cambridge English Exams

    Preparatory Courses for Cambridge English Exams

    This year as usual the Foreign languages department is holding preparatory courses for Cambridge English exams. These courses are intended for students who would like to focus on more intensive preparation for Cambridge English exams. The lessons are based on a communicative approach and enable students to acquire the necessary exam techniques and strategies. The courses are taught by experienced teachers who are certified examiners for Cambridge English Language Assessment.

  • The Department of IRES at Upfront in War Zones

    The Department of IRES at Upfront in War Zones

    On the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the MUP, the Department of International Relations and European Studies (IRES) organized a commented tour in the DOX Centre of Contemporary Art. On the 20th of May, all participating students met with the Head of the Department, Mitchell Belfer and the Deputy Head, Šárka Kolmašová in the main hall of the centre. Students had an opportunity to visit a unique architectonical masterpiece, which was intentionally designed as a labyrinth to resemble the disarray of contemporary art. The primary aim of the tour was a commented exhibition of photographs from war zones with an apt title “Upfront”. Overall, the centre seeks to present exhibitions showing how politics is merging with art, including thought provoking and controversial installations. Upfront accomplished the mission completely.




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