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  • Middle Eastern Conflicts in Local Perspective

    Middle Eastern Conflicts in Local Perspective

    Western politicians, media, and public are mostly preoccupied by the impact of the current Middle Eastern turbulences on the West itself. “Had the Western leaders paid appropriate attention to the atmosphere in the Middle East a few years earlier, today we would be hardly surprised by the wave of refugees and migrants, or by the fact that many Middle Easterners prefer various radical groups over legitimate governments,“ says Břetislav Tureček, Head of the Centre for the Middle Eastern Studies at Metropolitan University Prague.

  • Quiz Night

    Quiz Night

    On Wednesday evening 11th May 2016 six teams, made up of a mix of students and teachers, went head to head in the first ever MUP pub quiz night held at the Travellers’ Club Arabic Restaurant. The quiz was put together and hosted by the Department of Foreign Languages and attracted students from Anglophone Studies, International Relations and European Studies, International Business, and Media Studies, as well as several Erasmus students.




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