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  • Cambridge Exams at MUP

    Cambridge Exams at MUP

    In 2010 Metropolitan University Prague acquired the status of a closed authorised center for Cambridge English Language Assessment. Students are able to take general Cambridge English exams PET, FCE, CAE and CPE, and as of this academic year they can also take Cambridge English: Business (BEC Preliminary, Vantage and Higher). All exams take place at the Foreign Languages Department of MUP in Jarov. Another innovation is that all exams can not only be taken in paper form but in computer form as well.

  • Brazil: Current Environmental, Social and Political Challenges

    Brazil: Current Environmental, Social and Political Challenges

    The Brazilian rainforest presents a globally important biodiversity hotspot. Besides rich biodiversity, the forest harbours also some remaining American Indian tribes with a traditional way of living. Nevertheless, the total area of Amazonia has been reduced significantly in the last decades, as various interests, such as extractive industries, hydroenergetic project, agricultural enterprises and others are advancing into the ecologically sensitive area.



  • 01/12 2015

    Socio-Economic Inequality and War

    Center for Security Studies (C4SS) cordially invites you to a public lecture delivered by C4SS PostDoc fellow Dr. Andrea Gilli on the topic "Socio-Economic Inequality and War: Who Dies in American Wars? The Evolution of Tactics and Technology and the Casualty-Gap".

  • 09/12 2015

    Day of Open Doors

    Metropolitan University Prague invites prospective applicants to participate in the Day of Open Doors.

  • 10/12 2015

    Inside the Shadowy World of Jihadists

    Centre for Middle Eastern Studies and IRES Department cordially invite you to a guest lecture Inside the Shadowy World of Jihadists: Myths and Reality about the Rise and Spread of ISIS.

  • 29/04 2016

    Call for Papers: Teaching and Researching the Anglophone World in Europe

    A roundtable discussion hosted by the Department of Anglophone Studies, Metropolitan University Prague, 29 April 2016.


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