24/10/2014 - Nature, Environment, Sustainable Development: The Case for India

Department of Asian Studies and the Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies of Metropolitan University Prague cordially invite you to the 3rd MUP Conference on South Asian Studies titled "Nature, Environment, Sustainable Development: The Case for India – Concepts of Nature in Theories and Social Realities".

When: Friday, 24 October 2014, registration starts at 9 o’clock

Where: Metropolitan University Prague – Žižkov building, Prokopova 100/16, Praha 3, Room 302

Working language: English

Please be so kind as to confirm your attendance at http://registrace.mup.cz
Registration is free of charge; refreshments and lunch will be provided.

The Conference will be inaugurated by Prof. Michal Klíma, Rector of the MUP.

Convener of the Conference:
Assc. Prof. Blanka Knotková-Čapková, guarantor of the Master’s degree program of Asian Studies blanka.knotkova@mup.cz

The conference Nature, Environment, Sustainable Development: The Case for India is going to deal with these concepts from an interdisciplinary perspective: philosophy, literary studies, political and social studies, environmental and development studies in the context of the Indian subcontinent.

In their conference papers, the presenters have applied various methodologies ranging from textual analyses to field research studies which will undoubtedly stimulate fruitful discussions. The contributions will analyze how various figurations and archetypes of ‘Nature’ are projected in the sphere of social reality, and vice versa – how social reality (realities) influence(s) the discourses on ‘Nature’ and its representations. Theoretical outcomes will stem from issues related to environmental ethics, e.g. thematizing the role of power, hierarchies and representations, both on discoursive and social levels. Alternative views derived from mainstream discourses (e.g. feminist, socially critical, ecological) are welcome.