All Rigorosum Proceedings

Metropolitan University Prague implements the Examen Rigorosum proceedings (i.e. a rigorous examination upon the completion of which the candidates receive a “small” doctorate abbreviated as PhDr. that is conferred and recognised in the Czech Republic) in the specialisation of International Relation and European Studies (in both Czech and English) and in the specialisations of Media Studies, and Political Science (in Czech only).

The Final State Rigorosum Examinations comprise the defence of the Rigorosum Thesis and a specialised oral examination. Successful applicants shall be awarded the title of Doctor of Philosophy (abbreviated as “PhDr.”) to be used before the name.

Within one academic year, two deadlines for the submission of applications to Examen Rigorosum Proceedings and two dates of Final State Rigorosum Examination are scheduled.


The departments that implement Rigorosum Proceedings offer consultation for Rigorosum Proceedings applicants on the elaboration of the Rigorosum Thesis proposal and correct submission of the application. In order to arrange a consultation date applicants shall contact the Secretary of the relevant department at the following e-mail address:

Department of International Relations and European Studies:

All Rigorosum Proceedings:

Study ProgrammeLanguage of InstructionTitle
International Relations and European Studies English PhDr.
International Relations and European Studies Czech PhDr.
Media Studies Czech PhDr.
Political Science Czech PhDr.