Language Instruction

The Department of Foreign Languages provides high-quality foreign language instruction to students of non-philological specialisations taught at Metropolitan University Prague. The Department of Foreign Languages aims to put MUP on the map as a centre for internationally recognised Cambridge English exams. The department also focuses on research in the field of linguistics, and provides lessons of English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Czech as a second language. Students are assigned to a language group corresponding to their current language skills based on the result of a placement  test. After completing their studies, each graduate receives a certificate stating their language level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Learners of English also have the opportunity to study for and take an internationally recognised examination, i.e. Cambridge English. Moreover, students from different programmes, e.g. the Master’s Degree programme, have the opportunity to study foreign languages as an elective subject. The individual needs and preferences of our students are held in high priority, and part-time students have the opportunity to use the Moodle e-learning programme.


MUP offers an intensive two-semester course of Czech for beginners that is designed to help quickly improve students’ practical and academic language skills. The course is designed mainly for applicants who would like to attend higher education in the Czech Republic. The course uses the communicative approach and is taught by professionally trained language instructors.


Metropolitan University Prague offers an intensive two-semester course in English language. The course guarantees high-quality instruction and is designed for pre-intermediate and intermediate users of the English language, primarily for those who would like to improve their English knowledge in order to attend university study programmes that are taught in English in the Czech Republic or abroad, however, their language competences do not meet the admission requirements for such programme.

Preparatory Courses for CAMBRIDGE EXAMS

Department of Foreign Languages offers preparatory language courses that allow MUP students to prepare for Cambridge examinations in English (i.e. for the following internationally recognised certificates: PET, FCE, CAE, and CPE) or for university studies in Czech or in English. Upon completion of the preparatory courses, students or members of the general public may apply for the relevant examination at one of the authorised CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH examination centres in the Czech Republic.

Asian Languages

The Department of Asian Studies implements courses of the following Asian Languages: Chinese, Japanese. Students who successfully complete four semesters of an Asian language and pass the final examination may qualify for a Certificate in Asian Languages.