Exchange Student Application Procedure

Application Procedure 2024/2025

If you are interested in becoming an exchange student at Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) please read carefully the information below about the application procedure.

How to start the application process?

First, we need to receive your official nomination from your home university. The nomination has to be sent by e-mail to and include following information about you: 

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Study programme at your home institution and degree of studies
  • Planned study period at MUP
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Nationality

What further steps do you need to take?

Once we receive your nomination, you will be asked to provide us with:

1. Application Form

After the official nomination, you will receive at your e-mail your personal application ID number that will enable you to log into our online application system. Complete all required fields and submit the application. Please note that an electronic passport photograph is also required; your application will not be saved in the online application system without it.

2. Learning Agreement

A selection of courses you wish to take during your study stay at MUP. Download and complete the relevant form according to the exchange programme you will come through.

When completed, it has to be signed by you and also approved by the responsible person at your home university.

3. Transcript of Records

A summary of your previous study results. It must be issued in English and confirmed by the relevant person at your home university.

4. Language Certificate

A certificate that proves your level of English (doesn't apply to native speakers and Slovak students who wish to study in Czech study programmes). It can be either an international language certificate or a proof issued by your home university.

Apply and send all above-mentioned documents (except the application form that is completed online) in scanned copies to within the deadline. Incomplete forms or forms without necessary signatures will not be accepted.


  • by 1 May 2024 for the winter semester (October to February) and full academic year (October to June)
  • by 1 October 2024 for the summer semester (February to June)

What are the deadlines for application?

  • by 10 May 2024 for the winter semester (October to February) and full academic year (October to June)
  • by 10 October 2024 for the summer semester (February to June)

How do you find out that you have been accepted?

If you provide us with all the required documents and complete them correctly, we will confirm your Learning Agreement and issue the Letter of Acceptance for you (within 4 weeks after the deadline). It means that you have been officially accepted and can start planning your stay at MUP. Both documents will be sent back to you and to your exchange coordinator at home university. Only documents sent to will be accepted!

When do you have to be at MUP?

MUP International Office will organise an Orientation Day for incoming exchange students during which you will officially enrol to your studies and receive all relevant details regarding your stay at MUP.

The Orientation Days are organised as follows:

  • students enrolling in the winter semester:
    07 October 2024 (Erasmus+ students), 11 October 2024 (non-Erasmus cooperation)
  • students enrolling in the summer semester:
    17 February 2025 (Erasmus+ students), 21 February 2025 (non-Erasmus cooperation)

For details on the actual start and end dates of the semester, please refer to the Academic Year Schedule.