Online Sources

MUP final dissertations are temporarily, for the duration of the measures related to the state of emergency declared by the Government, accessible via the MUP network also remotely, however, only for the MUP students under their student login combination. The student shall use the final dissertations only for study purposes, and when using them, he or she shall comply with the applicable provisions of the Copyright Act, in particular, Section 31, and he or she shall not make copies of the final dissertations, disseminate them in any manner, communicate them to the public or allow anyone else to access them.


MUP Library provides access to the EBSCO and JSTOR databases and E-books Cambridge Core. Access is possible without a password from all computers located on the premises of Metropolitan University Prague and MUP University Centres in Pilsen, Liberec, and Hradec Králové. Outside MUP networks use the following instructions in order to gain remote access:

  • To activate remote access, you must register in MUP Library.
  • After logging in into your MUP Library account in the online catalogue, you will see the link to the available e-sources, i.e. JSTOR and EBSCO.
  • MUP students and members of faculty shall use their Student Information System (SIS) login combination in order to access the library account.

Access to Specialised Czech E-sources at MUP