ERASMUS+ Traineeships

Practical Training Placement (Traineeships) within the Framework of the ERASMUS+ Programme: Information for Applicants

In 2008 Metropolitan University Prague was granted the Extended ERASMUS Charter that allows MUP present students with the opportunity to take part in traineeships abroad available within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme.

What does the Extended ERASMUS Charter yield to MUP students?

The Extended ERASMUS Charter offers MUP students a unique opportunity to take part in international practical training placements in institutions in countries that participate in the ERASMUS programme (all EU Member States, Turkey, Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein).

Who can take part in traineeships and what is the duration of traineeships?

The minimum duration of traineeships is three months; the maximum duration is 12 months. Tŕaineeships are available to all MUP students, including students enrolled in their first year of study of part-time or full-time forms of study.

Is it possible to take part in traineeships during the holidays?

Students may take part in traineeships in the period from the beginning of June to the end of September of the following year. The holiday period is an ideal time to take part in traineeships. However, students may take part in traineeships also during the instruction period.

Where can the information about institutions that offer traineeships be found? What do the selection proceedings entail?

MUP continues to search for available traineeship positions and informs MUP students about these availabilities via MUP Student Information System. The selection proceedings focus on candidates who apply for the individual traineeship positions and whose specialisation corresponds to the scope of the traineeship position. Priority will be given to students who are required to participate in practical training within the curriculum of their study programme or students whose academic results guarantee that they will successfully continue in their academic efforts while participating in the traineeship programme.

Can students take initiative and select institutions for possible traineeships?

Students may select institutions for possible traineeship opportunities. Individual applications specifying the line of business of the institution and the expected activities of the future intern should be submitted to MUP International Office. In case the proposed traineeship corresponds to the specialisation of the student, it may be approved for the student who selected the institution, and the student shall receive a grant to pursue this traineeship. However, the study results of the student must guarantee that he/she will be able to continue in his/her studies successfully even during the traineeship.

Can traineeships be recognized as required practical training stipulated by the curricula of MUP specialisations?

Specialisations that require compulsory practical training within the course of study at MUP may recognise the completed traineeship as practical training in the academic year in which the grant was disbursed.

Is it possible to take part in a traineeship in cases when practical training is not required by the curriculum?

Specialisations that do not require practical training may recognise the traineeship as an examination in one of the courses that is closely related to the area of expertise of the traineeship position. Following the successful completion of traineeship, the Head of the relevant MUP department shall decide on the particular course in which the traineeship will be recognised. Participation in the traineeship within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme shall be indicated in the student’s Diploma Supplement.

Is it possible to take part in practical traineeships in EU institutions or Diplomatic Missions in EU Member States? Can MUP students who are foreign nationals take part in traineeships in their native country?

No, it is not possible. EU Institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training – CEDEFOP, Technical Assistance and Information Exchange – TAIEX, etc.) are excluded from practical traineeships as well as all official Diplomatic Missions of EU and NATO Member States and Diplomatic Missions of the students’ native country.

Nonetheless, MUP students who are foreign nationals may apply for trainingships in institutions in their native country (e.g., students of the specialisation of Public Administration from Slovakia/Poland may apply for a traineeship at one of the public administration offices in Slovakia/Poland).

How is the scope of the traineeships determined? Is there any type of agreement governing the scope of the traineeships?

Each traineeship must be based on a trilateral agreement among MUP, the student, and the host institution offering the traineeship. The agreement must specify the period of duration of the traineeship, the subject area, and the scope of the activities performed by student in the institution during the practical training placement. A particular employee from the host institution shall be responsible for the supervision of the traineeship; he/she shall be responsible for confirmation of the traineeship, including its term of duration, and he/she shall submit a report on the student’s performance.

 What is the amount of the grant and when can the Financial Agreement be signed?

The grant is funded from the resources of the European Union and its amount varies depending on the country where the traineeship takes places. The amount this type of grant is higher than the amount provided by grants designed for ERASMUS+ mobility (study stays at universities). MUP shall enter into the Grant Agreement with the student on the grounds of the signed trilateral Training Agreement.

Can students who obtained the grant from EU funds receive a salary from the host institution where they are completing their traineeship? What are the working hours?

During the traineeship, students are subject to the same working hours as other employees of the host institution. The host institution may offer interns salaries for the activities they perform within the framework of the internship. Some host institutions provide their trainees with salaries that equal to a specific part of the salaries of their employees; sometimes the host institutions pay their interns the difference between the grant and the actual salary of their employees. However, it is customary for the host institutions to provide no salaries, and students are expected to cover their expenses from the disbursed grant.

How, when, and where to apply?

Applications for particular traineeships that are published in MUP Student Information System shall be submitted to MUP International office.

In case students take initiative and find other traineeship opportunities, they shall submit their application and completed and signed Training Agreement that is also signed by the host institution in question. The duration of the traineeship must not be shorter than 3 months.

Applications including duly completed Training Agreement form may be approved following the completed selection proceedings and grants may be approved for practical training placements.

MUP shall prepare the Financial Agreement for students selected for the traineeship; on the basis of these agreements the students shall receive the grant from EU funds to cover their living expenses.