Tips for New Readers

How to Become a Registered User of MUP Library

  • MUP students, lecturers, and members of the public may become registered users of MUP Library.
  • MUP students are entitled to use all library services following the first registration that will take place upon presenting their MUP card (ISIC/access card), which shall therefrom be used as their MUP Library card.
  • Other MUP Library users must present their identification (national ID, passport, employee card).
  • External MUP Library users shall pay a registration fee in the amount of 200 CZK.

Opening Hours and Contacts

How to Use the Online Catalogue

  • The online catalogue is used for search and reservation of documents (monographs, periodicals, final dissertations, and audio-visual media).
  • If you are looking for a particular book (e.g., secondary literature recommended by lecturers in their syllabi), you can use the field "Author" or "Title".
  • If you are looking for books on a particular topic, you can use the filed "Keywords" or "Any Field" (the performed search will find the specified word anywhere, be it in the title or in the keywords section).
  • You can define your search by selecting specific criteria in the first "Search" field, e.g., you can choose "Final Dissertations" instead of "All Documents" or "Search University Centre in Pilsen", etc.
  • Combined inquiry should be used for advanced search. The link is located under the basic search form. This type of inquiry allows you to search documents according to multiple criteria, e.g., you can search for documents that include the words "terrorism" or "organized crime"; choose the value of "Topic" for two fields and type "terrorism" into the first one and "organized crime" into the second one and check the operator OR between them; the resulting search will find documents that include either the first defined word or the second defined term or both. Basic search allows you to define only one keyword.

Reservations and Extension of Loan Periods

  • Reservations 

    Reservations can be made in the online catalogue (use the same login and password as in MUP Extranet and SIS to create reservations). As soon as the titles become available, the automated library system will notify you and send you an email with information regarding you reservation to your MUP email account. If you are no longer interested in the document in question by the time you receive the notification, please inform the staff of MUP Library at or +420 274 815 044. Books, periodicals, and final dissertations that are available for on-site consultation only cannot be subject to reservations (information on the process of requesting consultation of final dissertations can be found in the "Loans of Final Dissertations" section).
  • Extension of the Loan Period

    You can extend the loan period of your books via your library account, telephone, or in person. Upon request, the loan period may be extended, provided the document in question has not been reserved by another reader. The loan period shall be extended by a period equal to the regular loan period.
  • MUP Library Account

    In your MUP Library account, you can find out what documents you have checked out and what is their loan period. You can also extend the loan period books you checked out here. You can extend loan periods of the books that you checked out only prior to their expiration. Following the expiration of the loan period, you can request an extension of the loan period via email, telephone, or in person. 

    You can log in into your MUP Library account by using the same login information as the login information for the SIS and Extranet. The link to the library account is located under the Online Catalogue. 

    To allow correct function of reservations and your MUP Library account, your browser must allow cookies. e.g. the default setting of Internet Explorer does not allow cookies! To change your browser settings, open this session in a new window, e.g., by holding down the Shift button + clicking on the link.

Do you need to find a publication or journal article from another library in the Czech Republic or abroad? 

  • In case MUP Library does not have the requested publication in its holdings, it can arrange an interlibrary or international interlibrary loan or, as the case may be, it will provide a copy of the article.