Educational and Networking Projects

Analysis & modelling the impact of bioenergy transition for security & sustainability

The project will provide outcome data, knowledge, and policy recommendations on bio-renewable energy transition alternatives (scenarios). Additionally, it aims to expand the area of potential research on bio-renewable energy transition through the development and applications of project proposals to MSCS schemes.

College of Visegrád+

The College of Visegrád+ is an innovative, new, collegiate, youth leadership training programme focused on educating the next generation of leaders within the Visegrád Cooperation: a regional alliance of four Central European countries, namely the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Poland.

JM Chair - Teaching Sustainability and Europe in the World

The project is aimed at generating new ways of teaching about the European Union with a focus on the EU’s role in global climate governance.

Czech-Norwegian Initiative for the Coherent European Diplomacy in Times of War and Energy Crisis

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of the philosophy of the European diplomacy during conflicts and energy crises. The philosophy, in this context, means main principles and fundamental ideas based on which diplomatic practices are performed; often rooted in the strategic documents of the European Union.

Enhancing proficiency of insolvency practitioners in applying EU law and fostering trust and understanding of European judicial culture via participatory training approach and blended learning (InsolEuPro)

The objective of this project is to support targeted trainings of insolvency practitioners on EU law implementation in practice, make them aware of the possibilities EU law offers and trust each other to make cross-border insolvency and pre-insolvency proceedings more efficient.

Children between Czech Family Stereotype and Norwegian Welfare System

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of media representations of practices of Norwegian Welfare Services in the Czech media. The project will be founded on discursive analysis of one significant case in which the Czech media were thoroughly interested in Norwegian welfare system.

EUritage – A European success story? Central Europe from democratic revolutions to EU accession (1989-2004) and beyond

New courses focused on Overtourism and Accessible tourism at MUP

"The Portrait of a Judge” - a multi-dimensional model of competencies to be measured during the proceduresof selection, evaluation and promotion of judges

MELIA Observatory - Media Literacy Observatory for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Democracy

Innovation of Media Studies Program at Metropolitan University Prague: Norwegian Inspiration

The project aims to upgrade the study program of Media Studies at the Metropolitan University in Prague (bachelor's and master's degree) on the basis of Norwegian inspiration and of the subsequent expansion of courses taught in English at MUP. Emphasis will be placed on a knowledge increasing of the courses focused on cultural dimension of media communication, applied to media studies and to the development of general journalistic skills.


The transition of physically handicapped graduates to the labour market (NF-CZ07-ICP-1-039-2014) which is supported through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism („Program CZ07“) is realized by Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) in collaboration with The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The main topic of the project is focused on sharing experience of handicapped graduates´ transition to the labour market and present condition in this area.