ISIC/ALIVE Student Cards

Student Cards

The cards are issued for the purpose of identification of the card holder, to provide access to MUP buildings in Prague, to serve as library cards at the Jiří Hájek Specialised Library (including printing and photocopying services) and to provide access to the elevator in MUP building in Jarov (in MUP building in Strašnice, the elevators are reserved for MUP employees and persons with disabilities).

Cards with  ISIC/ALIVE Licence

The following types of cards including a photograph and name of the card holder along with the card number shall be issued: 

  • cards with the ISIC licence designated for full-time students
  • cards with the ALIVE licence designated for part-time student
  • cards without any licence for participants in MUP Lifelong Learning Programmes, participants in MUP Examen Rigorosum proceedings, participants in other MUP educational activities, and for MUP students who are not interested in cards with any licenses.

For further information on the issue of cards and extension of licenses at MUP, please contact the relevant Student Services office.

Rules for issuing and use of cards with the ISIC/ALIVE licence are specified at, and they are governed by the rules of the provider of the ISIC/ALIVE licence.