Applicants and students who need assistance with finding accommodation in Prague are encouraged to contact the following accommodation providers:

Private Accommodation Facilities for Students

  • Student House Botic, K Botiči 1349/5, Praha 10, - long-term accommodation in a dormitory in single and double rooms
  • DC Rezidence, Novodvorská 1061/10, Praha 4, - long-term accommodation in a dormitory primarily in single rooms
  • TVM TOWER, Kutilova 3061/2, Praha 12, - long-term accommodation in a dormitory in double rooms
  • THE FIZZ PRAGUE, Holešovice, Prague 7, - bookings available from March, first check-ins from middle of September 2020 – brochure

Dormitories of Public Universities

Please be aware that the capacities are limited and accommodation is not secured:

Charles University in Prague -
Czech Technical University -
University of Economics in Prague -
University of Chemistry and Technology -

Further Contacts