Internal Grant System

The Internal Grant System of Metropolitan University Prague (MUP IGS) is established in order to support research projects that find connections between scientific activities and pedagogical activities and are aimed at student research, publication, and international cooperation. As a part of his purview, MUP Rector annually announces the internal student grant competition for students enrolled in Ph.D. and Master study programmes and also university academic staff.

Rector's Directive on the Principles of the Internal Grant System at Metropolitan University Prague

MUP applies annually for funds for specific research provided from the budget chapter of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic. By the same token, in the years when funds for support of specific research are not obtained, Metropolitan University Prague uses its own resources to support internal grants within the framework of MUP IGS; the amount of such funds is stipulated annually by a decree of MUP Board of Trustees.

* Specific higher education research is carried out by students enrolled in the Ph.D. study programmes and the Master's Degree study programmes, and it is directly connected to their education (Act no. 130/2002 Coll., on Support of Research, Experimental Development, and Innovations).