Internal Grant System – 2024


  • The competition covers proposed projects with a 12-month life span.
  • The deadline for submitting project proposals is 15 June 2024 (1st call).
  • The start date for projects is 1 October 2024 and the end date is 30 September 2025.
  • The maximum allocation for each internal grant is CZK 300 000. Applicants may request that a grant be increased to a maximum of CZK 325 000 to cover the costs of justifiable research trips and residencies.
  • The maximum amount for a student bursary is CZK 15 000 per month, i.e. CZK 180 000 for the life span of the project.
  • The maximum amount for academic employee support is CZK 2 000 per month, i.e. CZK 24 000 for the life span of the project.
  • Travel, materials and services can be covered up to CZK 36 000. In justified cases, however, applicants may request funding of up to CZK 56 000. In general, funds for these purposes may not be used until 1 January of the calendar year following the year of the project's launch.
  • Each internal grant must generate at least one publication applicable in RIV. There is a preference for international publications indexed in Web of Science and Scopus databases.

Principles of the Internal Grant System at Metropolitan University Prague

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