A multi-disciplinary academic database of prestigious international periodicals (Academic Search Premier). The database comprises a total of more than 9 100 full-text periodicals and more than 13 600 periodicals with article abstracts. The topics comprise natural sciences, humanities including political science, law, communications, pedagogy, sociology, psychology, history, economy, philology, religious studies, etc.

Journal coverage is updated daily and in some cases it spans from 1887 to present.

List of available journals

The  Communication & Mass Media Complete e-journal collection, one of the most extensive and prestigious electronic information sources in the field of communication and media, is also accessible via EBSCO. It provides access to 500 full-text periodicals and to bibliography entries and abstracts of several hundred more periodicals. Communication & Mass Media Complete gives access to the Comminication Thesaurus and to more than 5 400 authors' profiles with biographic and bibliographic data of most prestigious and most quoted authors in the relevant field.

List of available journals in the Communication & Mass Media Complete collection

eBook Collection forms another part of the EBSCO database. At present, the collection comprises 12 English publications that you may either read online or download  (supported by Android, iOS, Mac, Windows).

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During one login session, you may print up to 60 pages of one eBook.

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