ADLEROVÁ, Eva; MACHŮ, Matěj; PECKOVÁ, Adéla. Právní ochrana průmyslového vlastnictví v asijských zemích

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press and Wolters Kluwer, 2017. ISBN 978-80-87956-77-9

The monograph is the result of research on industrial property protection systems in selected Asian countries under the grant project of the Metropolitan University, Prague, on the Protection of Technical Solutions and Indication Rights in Non-European Countries. Thematically, the monograph deals in particular with the issues of protection of inventions and utility models from the field of protection of the results of technical creative activity and trademarks and well-known marks from the field of protection of indication rights. Firstly, for each region, the reader is acquainted with general questions of the relevant legal systems, which briefly introduce the historical background of the development of law in a given country and the current legislation, particularly in the field of private law. For each country, the area of legal protection of the results of the technical creative activity is firstly focused on the patent system and design protection. In countries where the utility models are also protected, attention is also paid to this issue. Subsequently, attention is paid to ways of protecting the indication rights, whether through formal protection, i.e. requiring registration in the relevant register or informal protection, in particular relating to well-known stamps. Depending on the legal system, the monograph deals also with collective or certification marks.