BUDIL, Ivo T. Dějiny Skandinávie

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press and Triton, 2017. ISBN 978-80-87956-42-7

The book offers a critical exploration and summary of the history of Scandinavia from an interdisciplinary perspective. It, thus, locates this history – from the first human settlements in the north at the end of the Ice Age to the beginning of the twenty first century – in broader social, political, cultural, economic and environmental contexts. Scandinavia is a geographically distinct part of the European continent, stretching from the Atlantic and the Arctic oceans in the west and northwest to the Baltic Sea in the east. The geographical distance and remoteness of this region from Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern civilisations meant that for a long time it virtually escaped the attention and even awareness of scholars living in the traditional centres of ancient cultures. As such, the fully fledged and highly successful integration of Scandinavian societies into Western civilisation happened relatively late in comparison with the experiences of others on the European periphery.