BUREŠ, Oldřich, ed. Bezpečnost v době neklidu: sborník příspěvků ze studentské konference.

Prague: Metropolitní univerzita Praha, 2013. 1 CD. ISBN 978-80-86855-92-9

The permanent change of all types of organized crime and terrorism is a challenge for Europe`s security agencies. The first part attends to the problematic issues and change of current criminal-geografic phenomenes. In particular are elucidated the changing character of terrorism after 9/11 and the increasing interconection between terorism with organized crime and the delict fields of migration. Furthermore the work consider the effects of the legislative dynamic of the European security law, especially the Schengen Acquis, in the post-Amsterdam era and emphasises the differing impementation in the Member States. Morover the work deals with the Prüm process, which led to the problematic, that there are currently two security regimes in Europe, the Schengen Regime and the Prüm Regime. The second part of the work exposes current approaches of European police cooperation as the Forwar-Displacment-strategy and forms of operational cooperation, as well as the significance of informational cooperation.