ČERNÁKOVÁ, Nela; HAJN, Petr; CHADIMOVÁ, Iveta. Neobvyklé pohledy na právo proti nekalé soutěži

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press, 2017. ISBN 978-80-87956-67-0

Presented publication offers usual and less usual approach of unfair competition. Except traditional topics as legal system or the court practice authors work with alternative findings relevant to human competition behavior applicable in market competition. Closer attention is pointed to some of basic principles of human behavior, as deceiving, aggression and parasitism, and also its reflection in unfair competition law.

Knowledge of various scientific disciplines (for example sociology, psychology, biology, postmodernism) are for that reason applied in context with competition situation from practice, personal experience, fiction literature or court practice.

Team of authors used in particular the case method and the inductive procedure. First section of the book paid attention to participants of market competition, second section to typical forms of competitive behavior and the last section to less typical examples of competitive behavior. By described way authors tried to make the topic of unfair competition in some sense interesting and occasionally entertaining. The secondary goal of the presented publication was stimulation of interest in fiction literature and scholarly literature from non-legal disciplines as well as the development of stylistic abilities of readers.