CHARVÁT, Martin; JIRÁK, Jan a kol. Přítomnost. Kapitoly z dějin českého myšlení o médiích 1918-1938 (IV.)

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press and Togga, 2022. ISBN 978-80-7476-251-2

The collective monograph focuses on the weekly magazine Přítomnost [Presence] in the interwar period, it is the fourth title in the editorial series of Kapitoly z dějin českého myšlení v médiích 1918-1938  [Chapters from the History of Czech Thought in Media 1918-1938] published under supervision of Martin Charvát and Jan Jirák within the research project at Metropolitan University Prague. The study presents a range of thematic units that appeared in Přítomnost, including the relationship between media and politics, thematization of media as an educational tool, debate on the so called “women issues” or the importance of sport for the modern society.