08/09/2022 - A new issue of Gender and Research a journal of Sociological Institute of Czech Academy of Science, is out!

Dr. Březinová’s article entitled „The Woman who Saw the Devil“ brings a comparative analysis of titles written in rural Brazil in the second half of the 20th century and titles written in the early 21st century by emerging women authors in an urban setting.

She reveals starkly different patterns of gender representation. The research is grounded in cultural studies and this discipline’s insistence on the critical importance of race, gender, and religion. Contemporary authors – many of them women – are well aware of the cordel’s importance as a tool in the socialisation and apprehension of cultural meanings of gender. They represent gender through the cordel in ways that are subversive and serve to undermine the existing patriarchal norm.

Keywords: History, Popular culture, Brazil, Gender, Race, Modernity, Representation

Březinová K. (2022). "O dívce, co spatřila ďábla. Reprezentace genderu v brazilském cordelu." Gender a výzkum/ Gender and Research, 23(1): 78-98.  DOI: 10.13060/gav.2