02/04/2024 - Françafrique Between a Concept and a Metaphor

The African Studies Centre at Metropolitan University Prague cordially invites you to a guest lecture by Dr. Josef Kučera from the Association for International Affairs, exploring the changing geopolitical dynamics in the French-speaking African region.

WHEN: Tuesday 2 April 2024, 12:00–13:20

WHERE: MUP Prague-Strašnice building, Dubečská 900/10, Room 206

No prior registration needed.  
For further queries please contact tereza.nemeckova@mup.cz

The Françafrique as a concept has a long-standing tradition dating back to the 1955, when the word was used for the first time in the positive connotation highlighting close ties between Paris and its African colonies. The long-term connotation changed over time – during the cold war period, it was mostly the state-state relations, while the democratic wave in 90s changed the relations more toward African elites-French companies dynamics. With the new geopolitical changes coming in past years, the whole dynamics in French speaking Africa changed. The decline of French influence, while keeping strategic sectors is in contrast with significant demographic and climatic changes in the region of 14 French speaking countries. Despite the French (and EU) anti-terrorist (Sahel countries) and anti-rebels’ campaigns since 2013, the security situation is getting more vulnerable, but countries geopolitical aspirations are going towards different directions. The presentation will focus on the ongoing geopolitical aspiration and challenges of French speaking countries in Africa and their relations with foreign players.