02/11/2018 - Strategies to End the Scourge of ISIS

The Center for Security Studies at Metropolitan University Prague, with its partners, the Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) and Department of Security Studies, Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, is organizing an international high-level event in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

DATE: 02 November 2018, registration 9:00

VENUE: Martinický Palác, Hradčanské Náměstí 67/8 (within the complex of Prague’s Castle)

The Conference will bring together cutting-edge experts on terrorism and radicalization, along with politicians and military strategists fighting the terrorist threat on the ground. The opening remarks will be given by Member of European Parliament Tomas Zdechovsky, an experienced Czech politician long involved in foreign affairs and security matters. Afterwards, the conference will consist of two panels: the first on the military versus the socio-economic; the second one on socio-political strategies to fight the resurgence of the Islamic State in the Middle East, and beyond.

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Further information at https://www.egic.info/international-conference-prague