KLÍMA, Karel. Veřejná správa a lidská práva

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press, 2015. ISBN 978-80-87956-27-4

The monograph analyses the Charter as a document that is implemented and fulfilled over time, and consequently is not merely a statistic declaratory text. Hence, the monograph evaluates the Charter as a comprehensive instrument of material values, i. e. principal and conceptual, etc., which have a system-creating legislative effect. They also have the ability to combine principal values of international multilateral treaties of international public law, including the Council of Europe system and the European Union, as well as the Czech legal system internally. The Charter is, natu­rally, judicialised by rulings of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. The monograph is based on the premise that no textbook or commentary is likely to suc­ceed in expressing the entire system of values and the importance of the Charter both horizontally, i. e. the constitutional laws of the Czech Republic, and vertically, i. e. in relation to supranational values of a constitutional nature, as well as internally vertical, i. e. vis-à-vis the system of values and the contents of Czech law.