KNOTKOVÁ-ČAPKOVÁ, Blanka; KARMAZIN, Aleš a kol. Asijské hierarchie v postkoloniálním kontextu: politické, sociální a kulturní dimenze

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press and Togga, 2020. ISBN 978-80-7638-014-1

Asian Studies refers to a regionally (geographically) defined field of studies. This book tries to approach the field by developing an interdisciplinary yet theoretically related perspective. As regards the theorical background, the authors of this book mostly build on constructivism and, especially, postcolonialism. As regards the (inter)disciplinary background, this book compares and bridges positions of Political Science, International Relations, Anthropology, Media Studies or Cultural and Literary Studies. As far as the methodology is concerned, the importance of methodological pluralism is articulated by one of the chapters. The other chapters conduct case studies that demonstrate the relevance of postcolonial theories in the given instances. The case study methodology is combined with discourse or other text analyses. The case studies specifically focus on China, India, Japan, Central Asia, and Madagascar as an entity with strong Asian influences.