KUBIŠTA, Václav a kol. Mezinárodní obchod a migrace

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press and Vydavatelství a nakladatelství Aleš Čeněk, 2016. ISBN 978-80-87956-44-1

The study is focused on the analysis of changes in the dynamics of the world economy arising from rapidly changing conditions in industrialization and globalization processes, which the world has faced in recent decades. These changes have a major impact on the movement of goods, services, capital and labor in global market. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly reanalyze these movements and draw conclusions. The publication is logically outlined from theoretical postulates to empirical analysis of economic processes. It explores the issue of international trade in a wide range. The study is divided into four separate sections: international trade, international trade policy, international capital and currency relations and international movement of factors of production. In thirteen chapters, it deals with almost all of the major topics related to the study of international trade. The results of the research can usefully complement the current university textbooks in the discipline of International Economics, as well as assisting students with expertise in international economic relations. The results represent a set of learning materials for compulsory and optional subjects, specifically for students on all levels with a particular focus on international trade, world economy, monetary economics and banking, regional studies, economics and management, international business, macroeconomic policy etc., and for students of business schools with a focus on international trade and business and management. Students can choose specific chapters of the publication that cover the studied topics. It is not only a university textbook, but, also, a suitable study material for extending the knowledge of experts from economic and political fields.