MACGREGOR PELIKÁNOVÁ, Radka. European drive for fair competition - nature and impact of the harmonized protection against unfair commerical practices

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press and Key Publishing, 2018. ISBN 978-80-7638-001-1

This monograph is the result of an ambitious, innovative, multi-disciplinary and scientific research project conducted at the Metropolitan University Prague and supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, namely GA C.. R No. 17-11867S. It presents and codifies an abundance of fresh information about the perception of commercial practices, competition, sustainability and intellectual property ("IP"), and their fairness and interaction generated by secondary as well as primary sources which were processed critically and comparatively. The pertinent data was obtained and selected via complex investigative and open-minded research activities throughout a number of fields and branches while directly and indirectly drawing from prior publications of the author of this monograph (`Author"), especially books and articles that were published in 2017 and 2018. Following this, the yielded data was subjected to the investigative Meta-analysis while employing a comparative and holistic approach. Particular attention was continuously paid to potential contradictions and reconciliations. Namely, whether the heterogenous elements and multitude of purposes can be reconciled and, if yes, to what extent and how. Boldly, the law against unfair competition, the IP law and other laws interact in a complex manner and each jurisdiction demonstrates particularities in this respect. However, they all touch and impact the internal single market and thus are targets of the harmonization by the EU.