POWER, Gerald, WEINFURTER, Jaroslav. Thatcherismus v českých zemích: vývoj a recepce

1st ed. Prague: Libri, Metropolitan University Prague Press, 2015. ISBN 978-80-7277-544-6

The monograph seeks to identify and explain exactly those ideological and hegemonic processes that had led to the creation and consolidation of Czech positions towards Thatcher and her politics, along with their periodic adjustments and transformations. The research uses the tools of content and discourse analysis and applies them to key moments of the political career and life of the British prime minister and to the ways in which these were viewed and received in the Czech lands. As a result, a historical record is produced and offered of the reception of Thatcher in the Czech-speaking part of the world and its contextualisation vis-à-vis the changing ideological environment of the Czechoslovak and Czech recent history. Thus, the text reaffirms the irrefutable historical, political, economic, social and ideological contributions of a profoundly important political project proposed by a great British politician to a small country in Central Europe.