SCHNEIDEROVÁ, Eva. Optimalizace přihlašování vynálezů k ochraně do zahraničí.

1st ed. Prague: Metropolitan University Prague Press, 2014. 160 s. ISBN 978-80-87956-05-2

This publication deals with the formal possibilities of obtaining protection of technical solutions, inventions, abroad. It compares the possibility of obtaining protection through national ways, through regional treaties and ways of an international application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. This publication is dedicated to applying for inventions abroad in the form of a patent application and the application for the registration of utility models.

Given the changes in national, regional and international systems of applying for protection of inventions in recent years and new possibilities for registration abroad, this publication deals with finding optimal ways for both, the submission of applications to obtaining the legal protection and the decision-making process on granting legal protection to an invention that the applicant must complete during the examination procedure. This publication emphasizes the European region. Regarding the globalization of international trade this publication also mentions the new areas of business interests outside Europe.

Part of this publication is devoted to the cooperation projects between patent offices. Work sharing allows acceleration of the patent procedure and makes the obtainment of legal protection cheaper. It is a good strategic tool which the applicant should take into account.

Furthermore, part of this publication is devoted to the possible remedies of defects of filling which also include the restoration of priority right. Thus space is therefore not only devoted to the interpretation of legislation but also practical issues related to the foreign protection of inventions.