Up-to-date information on measures at MUP

Contact Details of the Student Services Office:
+420 725 578 967 - International Student Services
+420 602 655 323 - Pilsen
+420 725 036 013 - Liberec
+420 724 700 852 - Hradec Králové

Contact the Jiří Hájek Specialised Library:
+420 724 831 985


Due to the deteriorating situation and planned government restrictions are all buildings of Metropolitan University Prague from 1.3.-6.3.2021 completely closed for students. Please contact all departments and lecturers primarily from your student emails, by phone or the MS Teams. Examinations in the last week of the examination period can be carried out only online.
Thank you for your understanding. We will inform you about the follow-up development.

As of 23 February 2021, the following measures are amended:

Detailed information is contained in these regulations:

Practical Information for Students at a Time of Emergency Measures


A student may enter the MUP building only upon meeting the following conditions:

  1. if the student is free of acute health problems corresponding to a viral infectious disease (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.),
  2. at a given time, no quarantine measure is imposed on the student.
  3. We would like to inform students about the effective Extraordinary Measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic which regulates the obligation to cover nose and mouth.
  4. We would like to inform the students about the obligation of persons affected by item I.14. and I.15. of the Protective Measure, to notify employer or educational institution about travels exceeding 12 hours into countries with medium, high and very high risk of COVID-19 disease; please send any confirmations of negative tests to MUP International Student Services before entering the MUP building.


  1. Instruction in the summer semester will begin online on 8 March 2021, the same way as the instruction of the winter semester was conducted.
  2. Any change of the form of instruction in the summer semester will be decided depending on the current situation. The course timetables for the summer semester in Prague shall remain unchanged. The course timetables for the summer semester in the university centres in Pilsen, Liberec and Hradec Králové are merged with the course timetables of the same courses and study programmes in Prague.
  3. General rules of the hybrid and online instruction are contained in the Rector’s Directive No. 4/2021 on Organisation and Rules for Hybrid and Online Instruction and Examination at Metropolitan University Prague. The manuals are also available in the SIS.
  4. Any comments regarding the hybrid and online instruction may be sent to a special email address podnety@mup.cz
  5. MUP has been carefully following the development of the issued state measures and recommendations from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the National Accreditation Bureau on the grounds of which we ready to implement both the complete online instruction and the hybrid form of instruction which means the standard in-class instruction along with online streams of classes to the Internet so that those you for any reason cannot participate in the instruction will be able to access it online. All students will also have an access to the recordings of the lectures. In the event that the authorities allow the standard instruction without restrictions, we will operationally switch to the hybrid form of instruction. If the hybrid form of instruction is implemented, in accordance with the recommendations of the  Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, we plan in case of lectures for the largest groups and in case of courses that are offered for the whole university or shared by more study programmes, to offer online instruction to prevent gathering of a large number of students of different groups.


  1. The entrance examinations for the Bachelor’s Degree study programmes conducted in Czech are exceptionally cancelled. Applicants are accepted in the order in which they submitted the application to study until the capacity of the individual study programmes is full.
  2. The entrance examinations for all study programmes conducted English are exceptionally held electronically. Interviews and oral parts of examinations are cancelled.


  1. Students are advised to limit their visits to MUP buildings and manage all communications preferably by email or phone, the necessary documents can be sent via data box or by post.
  2. Please contact the International Student Services mainly by email or phone.
  3. The landline +420 274 815 044 is in operation, as well as the number +420 725 578 967. Landlines of university centres are in operation.
  4. Request the Confirmation of Study via your student emails. The Confirmation of Study will be issued and sent to you electronically.
  5. Submit all applications electronically, via SIS or, if it is not possible to submit it via SIS, send it via your student email. An application sent from a student email is equivalent to an original of any paper-based application or submission.

We are ready to deal individually with your other study-related needs as far as possible given the current situation. Please feel free to contact the International Student Services.

The Jiří Hájek Specialised Library

The Jiří Hájek Specialised Library in MUP Strašnice building is from 16 February 2021 open only for collecting pre-reserved study literature. Only one person at time may enter the library, the obligation to cover mouth and nose applies. For consultations, please contact us via email or phone at: library@mup.cz, +420 724 831 985.

To return books, use the box located at the MUP reception desk. Loan periods are automatically extended and late fees will not be charged until the full reopening of the library.

For the option of using the electronic resources, please check the website of the library or contact the staff using the above-mentioned contact details.

The list of the temporarily available electronic resources (free of charge or at preferential terms) is published on the website of the library.


The Day of Open Doors on 17 March 2021 from 5:00pm will be held online through the video chat in the MS Teams. For those who interested in studying we have prepared the online Day of Open Doors at dod.mup.cz. For the time being, other Open Doors dates remain in force. The current changes will always be published on the MUP website.

International Office

The International Office is available at the landline; you can also contact that at the following phone numbers.

  1. From 7 July 2020 until the end of the 2020/2021 academic year (30 September 2021), the following is temporarily suspended:
    a)   exchange study stays of incoming students that are not within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme,
    b)   exchange study stays for incoming students within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, with exception of the study stays where the instruction is conducted only online,
    c)   exchange stays and mobilities of the members of MUP faculty and administrative staff for all incoming persons, including all visiting lecturers and any other working visits, with exception of the mobilities of the members of MUP faculty within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme conducted only following a prior approval from the MUP Rector.
  2. Departure of MUP students to partner institutions within the framework of exchange study stays and traineeships under the Erasmus+ programme is permitted, however, only if the following conditions are met:
    a)   the student must be unconditionally accepted by the partner institution,
    b)   students may depart within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme with a grant only to a country where it is possible to draw on the grant on the grounds of the decision of the grant provider (DZS) on the day of signing of the contract and on the day before the departure and on the day of departure to that country. The risk associated with a change in the category of a given country, consisting particularly in the non-provision or reimbursement of the grant is borne by the student,
    c)   students may depart only to the country of which the national rules allow to accept the student,
    d)   the student acknowledges that the risk associated with the change (a sudden as well) of the government rules in the Czech Republic and also in the country of stay may be significant and the student undertakes it voluntarily. All costs incurred by a change of any rules by the public authorities of the Czech Republic and of the country of stay or by the Erasmus+ grant provider (DZS), including health risks, shall be borne by the student. MUP will try to develop an activity to minimise the negative consequences for the students and minimise any incidental costs or risk of not providing, reducing or revoking of the grant - in this matter, the student shall provide MUP with the necessary cooperation. However, if these costs cannot be averted, they shall be borne by the student,
    e)   the student acknowledges that the changes in the situation may cause a cancellation of his travel, non-provision of the grant, reduction or revocation thereof.
    f)   upon signature of the contract on carrying out of a particular study stay or traineeship within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, or before commencing the study stay or traineeship outside the Erasmus+ programme, the student shall sign a declaration by which the students undertakes to respect the provisions stated in this paragraph, otherwise MUP may refuse a conclusion of such a contract,or more precisely realisation of a study stay or traineeship.

Information for INTERNATIONAL students

We would like to inform all students from third countries (i.e. countries outside of the European Union) that the Czech Ministry of Health issued a very restrictive exceptional measure, which establishes drastic conditions for entering the Czech Republic, see here.

We would like to assure those of you who are not able to come back to the Czech Republic for instruction, that we provide fully adequate education in the online form until you will be able to arrive and participate in the standard in-class instruction.

More information of the Ministry of the Interior.

The up-to-date information from the Ministry of the Interior is available here.
The contact details of the offices of the Ministry of the Interior.
For information regarding the state of emergency, please contact pobyty@mvcr.cz.

Further Information

The most up-to-date information about the coronavirus can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

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