Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant Professor with a Ph.D. Degree Title or its Equivalent in International Business Programmes

For more than 20 years, Metropolitan University Prague has been offering innovative, interdisciplinary and internationally oriented education to students from all over the world. We offer more than twenty Bachelor's and Master's programmes in the field of social sciences, and our academically oriented study programmes promote an applied scientific approach within a broader international framework in order to provide high-quality education. More than a quarter of our programs is offered in English. Our strength is international cooperation based on a network of over 200 partner universities around the world.

We are currently looking for qualified experts for the following position:

Professor / associate professor / assistant professor with a Ph.D. degree title or its equivalent in the programme of International Business and Regional Studies and International Business.

Metropolitan University Prague will accept to the Department of International Business an academic employee with the qualification of professor / associate professor / assistant professor with the title Ph.D. or its equivalent with a specialisation in

  • International entrepreneurship
  • International marketing
  • International management
  • International finance


  • teaching courses in the field of international entrepreneurship with an international dimension (including teaching in English language)
  • supervising and being an opponent of final dissertations
  • research and publishing activities, endeavour to obtain external scientific-research grants


  • university education (Ph.D. degree title or equivalent)
  • or appointment of an associate professor or professor in the relevant field (not a condition)
  • professional and publishing activities


  • employment relationship scope of 1.0 (full-time)
  • work in the motivating environment of a prestigious internationally oriented university
  • appropriate remuneration

Offers with a professional CV, including an overview of scientific research activities and publication activities and copies of documents demonstrating the education achieved, should be sent to email: