Student mobilities to the United Kingdom

Brexit information for students

Students applying for a study stay or an internship in the UK can benefit from Erasmus+ and receive financial support from the European Commission. The UK is still taking part on Erasmus+ Programme until the end of May 2023. Universities in the UK, if staying partner universities to EU universities, can benefit from Erasmus+ exchanges with EU universities until the end of May 2023. The financial support per month to the UK is 510 EUR. Even though the Erasmus+ Programme still covers the students ‘mobilities a new rule applies, it’s the visa obligation. More information concerning visa application you can find below.

Visa application:

The UK ´s points-based immigration system:
The UK left the European Union on the 31 January 2020. Free movement between UK and the European Union ended on 31.1.2020, and on 1 January 2021, the UK implemented a points – based immigration system that prioritises skills and talent over where a person comes from. You will need to meet specific requirements in order to study and work in the UK from 1 January 2021. You will also need pass relevant checks, including UK criminality checks.

You can continue to visit the UK for up to six months without applying for a visa and may participate in a wide range of activities, including tourism, visiting family and friends, short term study and business – related activities such as events and conferences.

Student visa application:
If you are aged 16 or over, you may be eligible to apply for a Student Visa to study in the UK at a registered sponsoring institution. To be eligible to apply for a Student Visa, you need to be able to score 70 points.

To be eligible for Student Visa, you must demonstrate that:

  • you have an unconditional offer from an approved sponsoring institution. When you apply for a Student Visa, you will need to provide your reference number from the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), which is provided by your educational provider once they´ve offered you an unconditional place on a course
  • you are taking a course that leads to an approved qualification at an appropriate level of study
  • you have any relevant academic qualification needed to undertake the course
  • you genuinely intend to study in the UK
  • you can financially support yourself during your studies in the UK
  • you can speak, read, write and understand English to the required standard for the level of course you intend to study

Application process:
As part of your application process, you will need to verify your identity
. Most people will be able to do this using a smartphone, through the UK´s Immigration ID Check app, ap part of the online application. To do this, you will need a biometric passport and a compatible smartphone. The app is free and it is compatible with Android phones and iPhone 7 or newer models.

If you not have a biometric passport or access to a compatible smartphone, or ID verification through the app is not available yet for the route you are applying through, you will need to attend Visa Application Centre. You should still start your application on GOV.UK.

Receiving a decision:
If you use the UK´s Immigration: ID Check app and are successful in your application you will receive written notification by email. This will include details of how to sign in to the View and Prove service on GOV.UK, where you can check your immigration status and its conditions at any time.

If you complete identity verification at a Visa Application Centre and are successful in your application, you will receive a sticker (called a vignette) in your passport and will be granted a Biometric Residence Permit after your arrival in the UK. This will allow you to use some online services on GOV.UK, such as evidencing your right to work.

When making your journey to the UK, you will need to travel with the same document you made your application with. From 1 October 2021, you will not be able to use an ID card to enter the UK. You will need to provide a passport.

You must apply and receive a confirmation that your visa application has been successful before you travel to the UK.

A Student visa costs
£348 if applied for outside of the UK.

You will need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge as part of your application, which gives you access to the UK´s National Health Service on generally the same basis as a UK permanent resident. As a student you will receive a 25% discount on the Immigration Health Surcharge. The discounted Immigration Health Surcharge is £470 for Student Visa holders.

Traineeship Visa application:
For a traineeship students have to apply for different visa type – T5. More information you can find under the following link.

Booking your travel:
We advise you not to confirm any travel arrangements until your visa application to study in the UK has been approved. When making your journey to the UK, you will need to travel with the same document you made your application with.

EU settlement Scheme:
If you were resident in the UK by 31 December 2020, you should not apply for a visa under the points-based system. You should instead apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Application is free and the deadline for applying is 30 June 2021.