The Best Student Business Plan of 2018

The organiser of the International Practice Firm Fair 2018, OA Heroldovy Sady Praha, and the partner of the Fair, Metropolitan University Prague (hereinafter referred to as "MUP") announce contest for students enrolled for study at secondary schools “THE BEST STUDENT BUSINESS PLAN OF 2018”

Contest Application

  1. Students who are interested to participate in the contest shall complete the application and send it via email to; as a part of it, they shall include their business proposal in accordance with the LEAN CANVAS template. Subsequently, they shall receive a confirmation e-mail about entering the contest.
  2. Submission Deadline: at the latest on 16 February 2018

Contest rules

The contest is intended for all students enrolled for study at secondary schools in the Czech Republic and abroad who are 15 years of age or older. 

Only individuals can apply, not teams!

The contest will consist of three rounds:

1) PRIMARY ROUND - deadline 16 February 2018

All correctly completed applications that are received within the deadline shall be assessed according to previously defined criteria and they shall be awarded points by the committee of evaluators comprising faculty members from MUP, OA Heroldovy sady, and experts active in the relevant field. In compliance with a point-based evaluation, 20 best competing business plans shall be selected to advance to the semi-final round.

2) SEMI-FINAL ROUND - deadline 5 March 2018

All semi-finalists shall receive an email from the organisers of the contest that will invite them to draft a basic financial plan for their proposal pursuant to the received instructions and to create their logo/trademark pursuant to the instructions. Along with it, they will receive detailed instructions how to deal with both tasks; by the same token, the semi-finalists will be able to consult it with MUP faculty members.

Received semi-final contest proposals shall be awarded with points by the committee of evaluators and the titles of the final proposals shall be published here by 2 March 2018.

3) FINAL ROUND - 22 March 2018 in Prague

All finalists shall receive an e-mail from the organisers informing them on their advance to the final round and inviting them to prepare the presentation of their contest proposal within the International Practice Firm Fair in Prague on the first day of the fair, i.e. on 22 March 2018. The presentation should be compelling both in terms of content and graphics; it should be structured to correspond to a max 10-minute presentation. There are no specific requirements stipulated for the presentations; however, they must not contain any vulgar and non-ethical content or visual signs. The objective of the presentation is to convince the audience that the proposal is interesting and attractive; and that it is possible to implement it in practice. Finalists shall submit their presentations according to the instructions at the latest by 19 March 2018.

The final round shall take place within the International Practice Firm Fair and it shall be attended by the finalists who shall deliver their 10-minute proposal presentations. The final proposal presentations shall be evaluated by the committee of evaluators; the Chair of the committee shall be a successful entrepreneur. The results of the contest and the prizes shall be awarded on the same day when the finale is held.