We focus on the current development dynamics of Africa. In particular, we are interested in these topics:

1)  Economic Dynamics of Africa

Africa has been through significant economic changes recently which have reflected not only in the rising middle class, speeding digital transformation or innovative approaches to persisting problems of development (e.g. mobile money), but from the business perspective, also in new regional initiatives such as the African Continental Free Trade Area, in rising interest of external economic powers such as China in the African continent, or in re-orientation of some African countries towards the emerging African markets. This all makes Africa an immensely interesting continent for research.

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2)  Energy Relations between Europe and Africa and the European Green Deal and its Impacts on Sustainable Development of Africa

The European Green Deal has been proposed as a domestic plan, however, it has an extensive external dimension, too. Africa may play a crucial role in success of delivering the European Green Deal. As a continent enormously rich in renewable energy resources and other resources being necessary in production of many green technologies, the continent attracts attention of the external countries interested in these resources. This creates new geoeconomic and geopolitical changes in the region and more than ever before, it raises the question to what extent Africa will benefit from it from the perspective of its urgent need for sustainable development.

Our recent research publications related to this topic:

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3)  China, Russia, and Turkey in Africa

Many countries such as China, Russia, Turkey, or India have recently increased their activities in the African region and this not only in the energy sector, but also in other areas of economic cooperation (aid, investment, trade) or security cooperation (military cooperation). This surely impacts the European presence and interests in the region. We pay special attention to Chinese investments in infrastructural projects across the region and in rising Russian and Turkish activities on the continent.

Our recent research publications related to this topic:

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