Our Team

Mgr. Kateřina Březinová, Ph.D. – Head of the Ibero-American Centre. Americanist and a historian, she is a lecturer at the Department of International Relations and European Studies at Metropolitan University Prague. She has worked as a research fellow at the TRAMA project at the Complutense University in Madrid and as expert at DG EAC. She conducted research and teaching in Mexico, US, Brazil and Spain.

Dr. Sigfrido Vázquez Cienfuegos – Researcher at IAC. Universidad de Extremadura, Spain.

Mgr. Tereza Jiroutová Kynčlová, Ph.D. – Researcher at IAC. Faculty of Human Sciences, Charles University in Prague.

Mgr. Lucia Arguellová – Researcher at IAC.

Laurin Blecha – Researcher at IAC. Wien Universität, Austria.

Gabiel Moreira Vieira – Research assistant at IAC.

Fabiana Natale – Research assistant at IAC.

Guillermo Bisbal – Interim researcher at the Iberoamerican Center at the Metropolitan University Prague. Anthropologist from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (2018) and Master in Comparative History from the Central European University (2023) in Vienna, Austria. He has an Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies issued by CEU and he is completing the online Certificate of Afro-Latin American Studies of Harvard University. His line of research is cultural history of Latin America and its relationship with Europe, with special attention to the colonial period (16th-19th centuries), currently dedicated to the study of death and dying in Venezuelan colonial society.