Certificate of Security Studies

The Certificate of Security Studies can be earned by any student enrolled in the International Relations and European Studies Master’s Program (IRES) – English programme at Metropolitan University Prague (MUP), provided that s/he meets all of the regular criteria for awarding the Mgr. academic title. Further, the student must meet the criteria specified below in order to be eligible for the Certificate award. Students shall apply for the Certificate of Security Studies by completing a relevant form, which must be submitted to the Student Services office for verification at the latest on the day of the student’s Final State Exam.

The form may be submitted only in case the student met all the criteria to be awarded the Certificate as mentioned below. The review of the student’s successful compliance with the requirements for earning the Certificate is solely the authority of the Head of the Center for Security Studies. It is possible to appeal against the decision of the Head of the Center for Security Studies to award or not to award the Certificate by submitting a written application to the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs. The decision of the Vice-Rector is final and further appeals are not possible.

Criteria for awarding the Certificate of Security Studies

1. Student must pass at least two compulsory courses explicitly dealing with security topics in the IRES Masters Program with grade A/1; other compulsory IRES courses dealing with security topics have to be passed with grade B/2 or better. Current compulsory IRES courses dealing with security topics (total of 4)

  • Semester II International Security
  • Semester III External Security of the EU
  • Semester III European Union: Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice
  • Semester IV Conflict Resolution in International Relations

Compulsory courses relevant for the Certificate award will be specified at the beginning of each semester in the official IRES schedule.

2. Student must successfully pass a total of at least 4 free choice courses dealing with security topics offered within:

  • IRES Master’s Program. Current free choice IRES courses dealing with security topics:
        - Semester I Critical Security Studies
        - Semester II Human Rights in International Relations Theory
        - Semester II Political and Security Issues in Contemporary Latin America
        - Semester II Asia in World Politics
        - Semester III Varieties of Terrorism: Theories and Impacts
        - Semester IV The Theory and Practice of Revolutions and Rebellions, 1500 - 2000
  • Certificate International and European Studies (CIES) – Master’s level courses only.

Different courses will be offered each semester, however at least two Master’s level courses dealing with security issues will always be available. 2 Eligible free choice courses will be specified at the beginning of each semester in the official schedules for IRES and CIES. Courses not marked as eligible in the official schedules will not be considered for the purpose of the Certificate award.

3. Student must write his/her Master’s Dissertation on a topic explicitly dealing with security studies and defend this dissertation with a grade B/2 or better. Assessment of the relevance of the dissertation topic is solely the authority of the Head of the Center for Security Studies.

4. In addition, student must meet at least one of the following criteria by the date of the Final State Exam:

a) Be actively involved in one of the centers and/or journals associated with IRES and MVES departments (currently, i.e. Center for Security Studies, Center for Middle- Eastern Studies and the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies) for the period of at least two semesters. The Head of the Center and/or journal has to confirm in writing the student’s active participation.

b) Hold a membership for at least six months in a grant research team whose grant was approved within the MUP Internal Grant System before the date of the student’s Final State Exam. The official decision on approving the grant of the research team where the student is listed as a member shall serve as a proof.

c) Present the findings of his/her research on a security-related topic at a student or expert conference before the Final State Exams. Students must present the official conference program with their name listed as a proof of their presentation.

d) Publish a research article on a security-related topic in a refereed journal. The article must be - at minimum - accepted for publication at the date of the Final State Exam. A letter from the journal editor confirming the acceptance of the article or a copy of the published article must be presented as a proof.

e) Other worthy activity demonstrating a sustained interest in the field of security studies (e.g. summer schools, security related courses taken during Erasmus exchange programmes etc.). The activity has to be consulted and recognized as relevant by the Head of the Center of Security Studies, who has the sole discretion to accept or reject it.

The Certificate shall be awarded upon successful completion of the Master’s Study Programme together with the Master’s Diploma.

Form - Application for Security Studies Certificate