Recognition of Courses from Other Higher Education Institutions

Process for prospective students who are applying for recognition of courses from other Higher Education Institutions

Applicants who studied at another university and wish to apply for recognition of assessments from their previous studies must be accepted for study at MUP first (cf. Admission Procedure). Applicants who comply with the requirements for admission to study the selected specialisation and receive the decision of admission to study shall come to MUP Student Services office. They shall sign the study contract (in order to be able to sign the study contract, they are required to pay the tuition fees first or, as the case may be, the first instalment of the tuition fees in case they decide to pay tuition fees in instalments), submit a completed application for recognition of courses, and provide additional requested documents on previous study pursuant to the provisions in Rector's Directive.

Application for Recognition of Courses

Applications shall be submitted on the Application for Recognition of Courses form exclusively via MUP Student Services office. Applications must include completed information, including titles of courses taught at MUP and their respective assessments. Applications must be supplemented with an original or a certified copy of the document confirming the completion of the course which the student wishes to have recognised; said documents must be furnished with a stamp and signature of an authorised person of the relevant institution. By the same token, applicantions must be supplemented with syllabi (detailed descriptions of the content and extent of the covered material) of completed courses.

Students shall be notified on the decision of MUP Vice-Rector regarding the recognition of the assessments/refusal to recognise the assessments in writing. For detailed information and the relevant study plans of MUP specialisations, kindly contact MUP Student Services.