Visa Requirements

Information for foreign students

We would like to inform all students from third countries (i.e. countries outside of the European Union) that the Czech Ministry of Health issued a very restrictive exceptional measure effective from 1 July 2020, which establishes drastic conditions for entering the Czech Republic, see here.

The Council of Higher Education Institutions and the Czech Conference of Rectors are now negotiating with the ministry on possible changes of this decision, especially with regards to the current students. Metropolitan University Prague joined other higher education institutions in these activities. In case these conditions will not be changed before the instructions of this winter semester start, we would like to assure those of you who will not be able to come back to the Czech Republic for presence education, which starts on 26 October 2020, that we will provide fully adequate education in online form until you will be able to arrive and participate on standard instructions.

We will continue to post all current information on our specialised web page.

Long-term visa for the purpose of “studies”/“other“

 The application is submitted at the Czech Embassy.

 Documents to be submitted in the Czech language (foreign documents require an official translation):

 • Decision of Admission to an educational institution

• Confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic (details)

• Confirmation of sufficient financial resources for living in the Czech Republic (details)

• Confirmation of medical insurance in the Czech Republic

• Statement of criminal records from your home country

• Medical report from your home country (upon request of the Czech Embassy)

 Decision is issued:

  • in approximately 60 days in case of visas for the purpose of “studies”
  • in approximately 90-120 days, or even later due to certain circumstances in case of visas for the purpose of “other”

 Please consult the Czech Embassy in your home country before you start the application process.

 Further information: