Asian Studies and International Relations


Asian Studies and International Relations (ASIR) is a study program fully conducted in the English language. Its core courses focus on the Indo-Pacific region, particularly East and Southeast Asia as well as the Indian subcontinent. Over a two year period (four semesters), students will gain comprehensive knowledge of the regions‘ main actors (states and organizations), political systems, international and economic relations, as well as related security issues. ASIR further emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach in order to cultivate a complex set of proficiencies regarding aspects of history, culture, religion, society and language which allow for a deeper understanding of individual states and their mutual relationships in the examined regions, as well as in the global context. The program aims to enhance the knowledge and expertise of students and professionals who have obtained an undergraduate degree and wish to specialize in Asian studies and international relations. Moreover, Department of Asian Studies also offers elective four semester courses of various Asian languages, e.g. Chinese or Japanese.

Apart from classical courses, the department also offers the possibility of professional experience in selected Asia-related companies, public institutions and non-profit organizations.