Department of Asian Studies

Internal Academics

  • doc. Mgr. Michal Kolmaš, Ph.D.
    - Head of Department
  • PhDr. Ing. Soňa Bendíková, Ph.D.
  • doc. PhDr. Blanka Knotková-Čapková, Ph.D.
  • Aleš Karmazin, Ph.D., M.Sc. et M.Sc.

External Academics

  • Mgr. Pavel Kavina, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Jiří Krejčík, Ph.D.
  • doc. PhDr. Miriam Lőwensteinová, Ph.D.
  • PhDr. Tomáš Petrů, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Kateřina Urbancová
  • Mgr. Zuzana Vokurková, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Ing. Denisa Vostrá, Ph.D.

The foundation of the Master’s Degree in Asian Studies and International Relations at Metropolitan University Prague reflects the emerging geopolitical and economic significance of Asia - and its sub-regions - at the beginning of the 21st century. The programme aims to provide students with a breadth and depth of knowledge of the region, encompassing the fields of geography, culture, history, ethnicity, religion, and language, in order to help them gain a more profound understanding of the societies of individual states and their interrelations.

The study programme of Asian Studies and International Relations is divided into several interrelated blocks. These include core subjects that students are expected to master, especially the theory and practice of IR and political geography, as well as components that focus more specifically on the region of Asia, including aspects of political integration in APAC, security issues, and conflict management in international relations. In addition, students can choose from individual territorial courses, where attention is evoted to the countries of Northeast Asia (China, Japan, Korea), and elected countries of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.).

Master's Degree 

Asian Studies and International Relations


Office: Strašnice Building