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Časově kolekce zahrnuje tituly, které byly publikovány v knižní podobě v letech 1970-2018.

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Seznam obsažených titulů e-knih

A critical introduction to international criminal law 9781108399906
A fossil history of southern African land mammals 9781108647243
A global history of literature and the environment 9781316212578
A history of African motherhood: the case of Uganda, 700-1900 9781139344333
A history of Ireland, 1800-1922: theatres of disorder? 9781783080397
A history of Thailand 9781139656993
A history of the bildungsroman 9781316479926
A political science manifesto for the age of populism: challenging growth, markets, inequality and resentment 9781108785440
A short history of English literature 9788175968851
A sociology of transnational constitutions: social foundations of the post-national legal structure 9781139833905
A Theory of Bioethics 9781009026710
Advanced Modelling with the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox 9781009019781
Advances in decision analysis: from foundations to applications 9780511611308
Affect and the rise of right-wing populism: pedagogies for the renewal of democratic education 9781108974578
Africa and economic policy: developing a framework for policymakers 9781783080236
After the comprehensive peace agreement in Sudan 9781846158926
After the digital tornado: networks, algorithms, humanity 9781108610018
Ageing and Health: The Politics of Better Policies 9781108973236
Achieving person-centred health systems: evidence, strategies and challenges 9781108855464
Algeria: nation, culture and transnationalism, 1988-2015 9781786948090
Algorithms and autonomy: the ethics of automated decision systems 9781108895057
American Arabists in the Cold War Middle East, 1946-75: from orientalism to professionalism 9781783085101
An introduction to reservoir simulation using MATLAB/GNU Octave: user guide for the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST) 9781108591416
Animals through Chinese history: earliest times to 1911 9781108551571
Artificial Intelligence and International Economic Law: Disruption, Regulation, and Reconfiguration 9781108954006
As you like it 9780511802140
Balancing power without weapons: state intervention into cross-border mergers and acquisitions 9781316855430
Behavioral economics: a history 9781139600224
Beyond Borders: The Human Rights of Non-Citizens at Home and Abroad 9781108914994
Beyond the Silk Roads: Trade, Mobility and Geopolitics across Eurasia 9781108974387
Big Data and Global Trade Law 9781108919234
Bread, cement, cactus: a memoir of belonging and dislocation 9781108886932
Brexit: why Britain voted to leave the European Union 9781316584408
Brexit: sociological responses 9781783086467
Brexit time: leaving the EU - why, how and when? 9781108233385
BRICS and development alternatives: innovation systems and policies 9781843318149
British women surgeons and their patients, 1860 -1918 9781316911921
Broken idols of the English Reformation 9781139032834
Buried in the Red Dirt: Race, Reproduction, and Death in Modern Palestine 9781009072854
Civil war in Syria: mobilization and competing social orders 9781108355322
Clientelism, capitalism, and democracy: the rise of programmatic politics in the United States and Britain 9781108679923
Climate change policy in the European Union: confronting the dilemmas of mitigation and adaptation? 9781139042772
Common law, civil law, and colonial law: essays in comparative legal history from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries 9781108955195
Community paralegals and the pursuit of justice 9781316671801
Companion to comparative literature, world literature, and comparative cultural studies 9789382993803
Conservation research, policy and practice 9781108638210
Constituting religion: Islam, liberal rights, and the Malaysian state 9781108539296
Contested justice: the politics and practice of International Criminal Court interventions 9781139924528
Conversations with Bourdieu: the Johannesburg moment 9781868146253
Critical elitism: deliberation, democracy, and the problem of expertise 9781108159906
Crossroads: comparative immigration regimes in a world of demographic change 9781316416631
Debating humanity: towards a philosophical sociology 9781316416303
Decision making: descriptive, normative, and prescriptive interactions 9780511598951
Decision synthesis: the principles and practice of decision analysis 9780511520716
Deep carbon: past to present 9781108677950
Democracy in times of pandemic: different futures imagined 9781108955690
Diplomacy meets migration: US relations with Cuba during the Cold War 9781108526043
Disasters and history: the vulnerability and resilience of past societies 9781108569743
Discourse, Media, and Conflict (bude publikován v květnu 2022)
Do-Gooders at the End of Aid: Scandinavian Humanitarianism in the Twenty-First Century 9781108772129
Drugs politics: managing disorder in the Islamic Republic of Iran 9781108567084
Economic integration in Africa: the East African community in comparative perspective 9781316888896
Economics without borders: economic research for European policy challenges 9781316636404
Economies after colonialism: Ghana and the struggle for power 9781108545877
Echoes of the trauma: relational themes and emotions in children of Holocaust survivors 9780511500053
Encounters between foreign relations law and international law: bridges and boundaries 9781108942713
Enforcing the English Reformation in Ireland: clerical resistance and political conflict in the Diocese of Dublin, 1534-1590 9780511575846
England and Scotland in the fourteenth century: new perspectives 9781846155383
English and empire: literary history, dialect, and the digital archive 9781108551045
English as a global language 9781139196970
Entropy and diversity: the axiomatic approach 9781108963558
Ethical leadership in international organizations: concepts, narratives, judgment, and assessment 9781108641715
Ethics and the media: an introduction 9781108779340
Ethnic Relations and Nation-Building in Southeast Asia 9789812305312
Ethnicity & democracy in Africa 9781782049920
European elites and ideas of empire, 1917-1957 9781316343050
Evidence and innovation in housing law and policy 9781316691335
Faith and politics in Iran, Israel and the Islamic State: theologies of the real 9781316336120
Forest preservation in a changing climate: REDD+ and indigenous and community rights in Indonesia and Tanzania 9781316986882
Foundations of probabilistic programming 9781108770750
Freud in Cambridge 9781139020862
From media systems to media cultures: understanding socialist television 9781108525039
Future of interfaith dialogue: Muslim-Christian encounters through A Common Word 9781316466834
Gender in American literature and culture 9781108763790
Genetic resources, justice and reconciliation: Canada and global access and benefit sharing 9781108557122
Geographical indications at the crossroads of trade, development, and culture: focus on Asia-Pacific 9781316711002
German operetta on Broadway and in the West End, 1900-1940 9781108614306
Gift exchange: the transnational history of a political idea 9781108570497
Global Environment Outlook: GEO-6 healthy planet, healthy people 9781108627146
Global Environment Outlook - GEO-6: technical summary 9781108627450
Global Environment Outlook - GEO-6: Summary for Policymakers 9781108639217
Global governance and local peace: accountability and performance in international peacebuilding 9781108290630
Global governance and the emergence of global institutions for the 21st century 9781108569293
Global Governance in a World of Change 9781108915199
Global Challenges for Innovation in Mining Industries 9781108904209
Global volcanic hazards and risk 9781316276273
Globalisation and governance: international problems, European solutions 9781316417027
Governing climate change: polycentricity in action? 9781108284646
Governing failure: provisional expertise and the transformation of global development finance 9781139542739
Governing medical knowledge commons 9781316544587
Governing privacy in knowledge commons 9781108749978
Governing the climate-energy nexus: institutional complexity and its challenges to effectiveness and legitimacy 9781108676397
Greater Mekong Subregion: from geographical to socio-economic integration 9789814379694
Hacking digital ethics 9781785277382
Harnessing public research for innovation in the 21st century: an international assessment of knowledge transfer policies 9781108904230
Hidden Histories of the Dead: Disputed Bodies in Modern British Medical Research 9781108633154
Humanitarianism and human rights: a world of differences? 9781108872485
Humanitarianism in the modern world: the moral economy of famine relief 9781108655903
Challenges to tackling antimicrobial resistance: economic and policy responses 9781108864121
Challenges to the World Bank and IMF: developing country perspectives 9780857288202
Imagining the Arabs: Arab identity and the rise of Islam 9781474408271
Imperial Incarceration: Detention without Trial in the Making of British Colonial Africa 9781009004848
Industrial agriculture and ape conservation 9781316488959
Infrastructure development and ape conservation 9781108436427
Instability in geophysical flows 9781108640084
International governance and the rule of law in China under the Belt and Road Initiative 9781108332651
International law and history: modern interfaces 9781108562003
Islam and colonialism: becoming modern in Indonesia and Malaya 9781474409216
Islam and law in Lebanon: Sharia within and without the state 9781316888957
Islam in Israel: Muslim communities in non-Muslim states 9781108525671
Islamic politics, Muslim states, and counterterrorism tensions 9781316534328
Island Fantasia: Imagining Subjects on the Military Frontline between China and Taiwan 9781009023481
Knowing women: same-sex intimacy, gender, and identity in postcolonial Ghana 9781108863575
Language and the making of modern India: nationalism and the vernacular in colonial Odisha, 1803-1956 9781108591263
Latin America confronts the United States: asymmetry and influence 9781316343890
Law and mind: a survey of law and the cognitive sciences 9781108623056
Law, democracy and the European Court of Human Rights 9781139547246
Leading your research team in science 9781108601993
Legends of King Arthur 9781846153600
Literary coteries and the making of modern print culture, 1740-1790 9781316423202
Living for the City: Social Change and Knowledge Production in the Central African Copperbelt 9781108973120
Making borders in modern East Asia: the Tumen River demarcation, 1881-1919 9781316795491
Malarial subjects: empire, medicine and nonhumans in British India, 1820-1909 9781316771617
Media commercialization and authoritarian rule in China 9781139087742
Media in China, China in the media: processes, strategies, images, identities 9788323389620
Medieval and early modern murder: legal, literary and historical contexts 9781787442764
Mental causation: a counterfactual theory 9781108762717
Mind, state and society: social history of psychiatry and mental health in Britain 1960-2010 9781911623793
Models of decision-making: simplifying choices 9781139939515
Negotiating Mughal law: a family of landlords across three Indian empires 9781108623391
Networks and institutions in Europe's emerging markets 9781139381628
New technologies for human rights law and practice 9781316838952
No future: punk, politics and British youth culture, 1976-1984 9781316779569
Non-violent resistance: a new approach to violent and self-destructive children 9781108962254
Oil trade: politics and prospects 9780511582400
Open access and the humanities: contexts, controversies and the future 9781316161012
Oral democracy: deliberation in Indian village assemblies 9781139095716
Organizational decision making 9780511584169
Patent remedies and complex products: toward a global consensus 9781108594981
Peace treaties and international law in European history: from the late Middle Ages to World War One 9780511494239
Pirates of empire: colonisation and maritime violence in Southeast Asia 9781108594516
Policy controversies and political blame games 9781108860116
Polio across the Iron Curtain: Hungary's Cold War with an epidemic 9781108355421
Politics, policy, and public options 9781108767552
Print, publicity, and popular radicalism in the 1790s: the laurel of liberty 9781316459935
Private health insurance: history, politics and performance 9781139026468
Prostitution and Victorian society: women, class, and the state 9780511583605
Radio frequency integrated circuits and systems 9781108163644
Realism and democracy: American foreign policy after the Arab Spring 9781108234894
Recreating the American republic: rules of apportionment, constitutional change, and American political development, 1700-1870 9780511509858
Regarding Muslims: from slavery to post-apartheid 9781868147700
Regions and powers: the structure of international security 9780511491252
Regulating Islam: religion and the state in contemporary Morocco and Tunisia 9781108332859
Reimagining Thoreau 9780511895883
Religion, violence, and local power-sharing in Nigeria 9781316832110
Remedies for human rights violations: a two-track approach to supra-national and national law 9781108283618
Resilience, Adaptive Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice: How Societies Recover after Collective Violence 9781108919500
Rethinking humanitarian intervention in the 21st century 9781474423823
Revitalizing endangered languages: a practical guide 9781108641142
Sacred heritage: monastic archaeology, identities, beliefs 9781108678087
Salafism in Nigeria: Islam, preaching, and politics 9781316661987
Sexual liberation, socialist style: communist Czechoslovakia and the science of desire, 1945-1989 9781108341332
Shakespeare in print: a history and chronology of Shakespeare publishing 9781108936927
Shaping modern Shanghai: colonialism in China's global city 9781108303934
Slave systems: ancient and modern 9780511482748
Social media and democracy: the state of the field, prospects for reform 9781108890960
Social sector in a decentralised economy: India in the era of globalisation 9781316258071
Social sustainability, past and future: undoing unintended consequences for the earth's survival 9781108595247
Socialism and democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1948 9780511983870
Solar flares: science fiction in the 1970s 9781781387986
Stand out of our light: freedom and resistance in the attention economy 9781108453004
State of the apes: killing, capture, trade and ape conservation 9781108768351
State surveillance, political policing and counter-terrorism in Britain: 1880-1914 9781787445185
States and social revolutions: a comparative analysis of France, Russia, and China 9781316423998
Statistics, econometrics, and forecasting 9780511493188
Stolen women in medieval England: rape, abduction and adultery, 1100-1500 9781139061919
Straight girls and queer guys: the hetero media gaze in film and television 9780748694853
Surfacing: on being black and feminist in South Africa 9781776146109
Surgery and selfhood in early modern England: altered bodies and contexts of identity 9781108919395
Sustainable development goals: their impacts on forests and people 9781108765015
Sustainable Development Report 2020: the Sustainable Development Goals and Covid-19 includes the SDG Index and Dashboards 9781108992411
Sustainable Development Report 2021 9781009106559
Syndromes of corruption: wealth, power, and democracy 9780511490965
Systems Thinking Analyses for Health Policy and Systems Development: A Malaysian Case Study 9781108954846
Taxes and trust: from coercion to compliance in Poland, Russia and Ukraine 9781108333580
The African Court of Justice and human and peoples' rights in context: development and challenges 9781108525343
The beginnings of Islamic law: late antique Islamicate legal traditions 9781316459485
The British Isles: a history of four nations 9781139197014
The business of empire: the East India Company and imperial Britain, 1756-1833 9780511495724
The Cambridge guide to English usage 9780511487040
The Cambridge guide to teaching English to speakers of other languages 9780511667206
The Cambridge handbook of health research regulation 9781108620024
The Cambridge history of terrorism 9781108556248
The citizen's guide to climate success: overcoming myths that hinder progress 9781108783453
The Civilianization of war: the changing civil-military divide, 1914-2014 9781108643542
The construction of preference 9780511618031
The crisis of journalism reconsidered: democratic culture, professional codes, digital future 9781316050774
The data journalism handbook: towards a critical data practice 9789048542079
The discovery of the Third World: decolonization and the rise of the New Left in France, c .1950-1976 9781139696906
The disinformation age: politics, technology, and disruptive communication in the United States 9781108914628
The Eastern origins of Western civilization 9780511489013
The economisation of climate change: how the G20, the OECD and the IMF address fossil fuel subsidies and climate finance 9781108688048
The foreign policy of Lyndon B. Johnson: the United States and the world, 1963-1969 9780748643288
The frontier complex: geopolitics and the making of the India-China border, 1846-1962 9781108886444
The future of warfare in the 21st century. 9789948148333
The Grail, the quest and the world of Arthur 9781782040200
The history manifesto 9781139923880
The changing role of the hospital in European health systems 9781108855440
The Chinese Communist Party: a century in ten lives 9781108904186
The idea of Europe: a critical history 9781108784252
The law and practice of peacekeeping: foregrounding human rights 9781108763776
The making of an imperial polity: civility and America in the Jacobean metropolis 9781108625227
The making of Japanese settler colonialism: Malthusianism and trans-Pacific migration, 1868-1961 9781108687584
The manuscript and meaning of Malory's Morte Darthur: rubrication, commemoration, memorialization 9781782049166
The myth of Piers Plowman: constructing a medieval literary archive 9781107338821
The peacebuilding puzzle: political order in post-conflict states 9781316718513
The people's game: football, state and society in East Germany 9781107280311
The politics of fossil fuel subsidies and their reform 9781108241946
The politics of prohibition: American governance and the Prohibition Party, 1869-1933 9781139333627
The politics of shale gas in Eastern Europe: energy security, contested technologies and the social license to frack 9781316875018
The power of standards: hybrid authority and the globalisation of services 9781108759038
The power of the periphery: how Norway became an environmental pioneer for the world 9781108763851
The prohibition of torture in exceptional circumstances 9781139344326
The Right to Science: Then and Now 9781108776301
The rise of China and the chinese overseas: a study of Beijing's changing policy in Southeast Asia and beyond 9789814762656
The second Cold War: Carter, Reagan, and the politics of foreign policy 9781108937016
The sitcom 9780748637539
The social amplification of risk 9780511550461
The sociology of law and the global transformation of democracy 9781108186049
The treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons: legal challenges for military doctrines and deterrence policies 9781108675307
The UK after Brexit: legal and policy challenges 9781780685953
The Whipple Museum of the History of Science: objects and investigations, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of R.S. Whipples's gift to the University of Cambridge 9781108633628
Think, do, and communicate environmental science 9781108526104
Thoughtful foragers: a study of prehistoric decision making 9780511752964
Trademark and unfair competition conflicts: historical-comparative, doctrinal, and economic perspectives 9781316651285
Understanding Shiite leadership: the art of the middle ground in Iran and Lebanon 9781107110175
Unequal family lives: causes and consequences in Europe and the Americas 9781108235525
Urban planet: knowledge towards sustainable cities 9781316647554
Virtual play and the Victorian novel: the ethics and aesthetics of fictional experience 9781108938518
War, memory, and national identity in the Hebrew Bible 9781108691512
What are the humanities for? 9781108974615
Where there is no psychiatrist: a mental health care manual 9781108683302
Woman as spectator and spectacle: essays on women and media 9788175968882
Women and religious writing in early modern England 9780511483707
Women and the periodical press in China's long twentieth century: a space of their own? 9781108304085
Wonder and the Marvellous from Homer to the Hellenistic World 9781009003551